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Generate More Leads While You Spend Less

Search Engine Optimization

Let your Business Dominate organically!

It’s all about generating seo traffic from organic seo or natural search results. In the competitive market, SEO serves as the critical tool that even supersedes the paid marketing if performed  correctly. My approach is not only unique or based on seo guide but effective, reliable and ROI-focused. With the broad understanding and a proven track record of achieving top rankings for competitive keywords, I am confident to provide unmatched-able results using carefully planned long-term strategy in the shortest amount of time on seo basics. From building an audience to generating traffic, I keep all  the technical and creative aspects in mind throughout the project implementation and monitoring for a result-oriented progress search engine optimization. 



Reach and Appeal you Buyer Personas

Content MarketinG

Content holds a critical position in today's and future digital marketing world. If your target audience wants to look for your service, they open Google and TYPE! Hence, content is what your customers look for. Content creation is all about generating ideas and strategy that well-compliments the visuals to appeal to your buyer personas and maintains their interest. Do you know content marketing brings 3 times more leads than traditional marketing and costs way less? It includes everything from setting up the brand tone to maintaining it on every social platform. Content creation strategy requires an equal amount of attention like any other marketing tool – in fact, this sets the base for most of your marketing activities.


Time To Socialize & Interact With your Customers

Social Media Optimization

I am even writing this while scrolling down my Instagram feed :P. Well, the most confirmed facts these days seems to be on the dependency of enterprises on social media platforms to interact directly with their audience.
It not only helps you reach your wider audience but increases brand awareness, helps you generate leads, boosts conversions, foster customer relations and, if properly strategized, keeps you ahead of your competitors.
So what are you waiting for? Move forward and let's just kill it!


Road To SEO / Digital Marketing

The road to SEO So it's all about how I ended up in this diverse yet interestingly unique field of SEO.

Well working as a graphic designer and teaching in some institutes was fun but there was something that kept telling me I want to do something more. Having a degree in computer science and being a technically sound student while failing the science and history papers, something took my attention towards SEO. The creative flair hidden in me wanted to explore it and went on self-paced learning. Well, learning never goes waste so it got me a good earning job at creative firms where my skills were highly polished working for international clients mostly based in the GCC region and I started walking on my road to becoming an SEO expert I am today.

Having a Bachelor’s Degree in software engineering topped up with Google Certification, fortunately, my studies well compliment my career. Add-ons are the designing courses and yes the OMCP certification that’s in progress for now.

Intro to my Partners Well-earned experience


Having more experience in the field than studies, my sister & my business partner Sara Altaf is a veteran in the marketing field with a strong hand in Digital Content Creation. Be it any industry, her expertise lies in rethinking the way a business markets. Associated with many firms, she landed eventually in a creative marketing firm that gave her the direction she was always looking forward to. She loves to chat and socialize which enhances her skills based on real experiences. Learning from people and applying the interactive experience in her passion gives her the edge of creating what is unique and interesting.


Her specialization is not limited to content creation. She also has strong skills in Digital Marketing and handles overall project management for the clients using the required tools and developing creative procedures.


A Quick Review on Expertise

Search Engine Optimization
Social Media Optimization
Content Writing

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